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Why Choose HDFS?

UD’s Department of Human Development and Family Sciences (HDFS) offers three undergraduate programs to prepare our students to address the needs of children, adults and families across the lifespan.

Our programs are designed for students who want to make a career of helping people. Our graduates develop the knowledge and experience needed to make a difference in the lives of others.

HDFS students learn how to help:  HDFS student interests include:
  • Infants
  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Adults and the aging
  • Families
  • Communities
  • Colleagues
  • education
  • disabilities
  • life development
  • human resources
  • domestic violence prevention
  • substance abuse
  • advocacy
  • sexuality and gender
  • leadership and administration
  • counseling
  • interpersonal and work relationships
  • diverse communities

We are here to help you help others

Our dedicated faculty members educate and support over 500 undergraduate and graduate students, helping them to become educators, advocates, social workers, researchers and leaders in their fields. Undergraduates have three majors to choose from, with a wide variety of  concentrations that allow you to focus on a particular field within early childhood education or human services.  Human Relations Administration majors have a unique blend of coursework across several disciplines and a required minor in Organizational and Community Leadership.  Our graduate programs provide students the opportunity for in-depth exploration in the fields of early childhood education and human services.

Explore the top reasons to join the College of Education and Human Development.

  • An advisement center is open every weekday for students seeking advisement. In addition, faculty advisors meet with juniors and seniors to discuss education and career goals.
  • Graduates of our department are well regarded by employers, who know our students have the knowledge and experience needed to succeed. In addition to experiences gained in the classroom, our students take part in field work, beginning their freshman year, where they apply their knowledge.
  • If you are interested in transferring to HDFS from another major within UD or from another university, we’re happy to walk you through the transfer process.

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