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Cohort: 2021

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Jen Gallo-Fox


Early Childhood Education

Research Interest(s)

science education, teacher curriculum and intercultural education

Ariadni Kouzeli

My name is Ariadni Kouzeli and I am coming from Greece. I am 24 years old and my hometown is Patras. My research interests are in early childhood education and more specifically in science education, teacher curriculum and intercultural education. I come to the University of Delaware with a Bachelor degree in the Department of Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education from the University of Patras and a Master of Education degree entitled “Education Sciences – Education with the use of new technologies” in the Department of Primary Education from the University of the Aegean. Moreover, I hold a Piano Vocational Degree and a Degree in Harmony in Music. Previously, I worked as a part-time kindergarten teacher and musician in the Greek Kindergarten “Mikro Karavi”. Also, I worked as a full-time assistant to Head of Hellenic College in Patras. My dream is to have a career in the academic world, where I would be able to conduct research and prepare students to become future educators.