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CEHD Assistant Professor Shares Insight on Gender Roles Among Black Adolescents

In a recent article in Diverse: Issues in Higher EducationRoderick L. Carey, assistant professor in the College of Education and Human Development’s Department of Human Development and Family Sciences, shared insight on the need for male resource centers in higher education, particularly for Black and Latinx men. He emphasizes that research has shown that Black and Latinx men feel a deep level of responsibility to their families, which often drives their decisions to go to college. But this same sense of responsibility also fuels decisions to forgo college in order to earn money more immediately. When developing resources and centers for them, those concerns and unique challenges must be addressed. 

“Boys and men are not socialized to express insecurities, fears or doubts,” said Carey. “That’s why these centers could be very, very important. A place where men gather to heal, to reflect, to learn not only academics, but social-emotional skills, relational skills and ways to be in a community where there are resources they can reach out to if they need them.

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Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, October 13, 2023