Juana Gaviria-Loaiza, an HDFS Ph.D. student, has been selected to attend the Statistical Teaching and Analytic Research Training (START) pilot workshop in Warsaw, Poland in July 2016. The START summer pilot program is designed to 1) offer graduate students an experience focusing on applied research methods and data analysis; 2) build a community of graduate students with a shared global experience facilitating increased student engagement and retention; and 3) promote racial-ethnic, intellectual, and international diversity.

The location in Warsaw, takes advantage of an existing collaboration between UD and the University of Warsaw (WAR-DEL) to promote research, learning, and global citizenship in the social and behavioral sciences. The 10 UD students will partner with 10 University of Warsaw students to work on an analytic project, and present the results on the final day of the workshop. Future versions of the summer program will seek out similar UD global partnerships to help execute the activities.

The program runs from July 1 – 10, including travel. Agnes Ly (PSYCH) will be the faculty Director of Learning, Adam Stivers (PhD student, PSYCH) will serve as the coordinator of student activities, Michael Kuhlman (PSYCH) will be our WAR-DEL partnership liaison, and Darren W. Davis (Univ. of Notre Dame, Political Science) will serve as our Visiting Scholar for Mentoring. The program provides all expense paid travel and lodging, as a well as a small stipend for incidentals. It is supported by the College of Arts & Sciences and the Vice Provost for Diversity.