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There are many opportunities for research by working informally with faculty on their research and/or through University of Delaware programs. Some of these programs offer funding for student research.

The University of Delaware Undergraduate Research Program The Undergraduate Research Program is open to all undergraduates. Undergraduate researchers are typically sophomores, juniors and seniors. Students research a field or specialty on which they want to focus their courses and careers; others are already making their own original contributions to their chosen fields. Students who hold college work-study grants may earn their grant money doing research. In the summers, a salary or stipend is often possible. The program provides information about research opportunities, connecting with faculty advisors, publication opportunities.

Degree with Distinction and Honors Degree with Distinction The Degree with Distinction and the Honors Degree with Distinction offer talented and dedicated students the opportunity to pursue their academic interests in greater depth than is required for the regular bachelor’s degree with the addition of a senior research thesis. This comprehensive program includes Honors course work, Honors seminars, and Honors senior research and thesis to supplement regular departmental degree requirements. Requirements includea 3.0 overall grade index and a 3.5 in the major by the time of graduation. The Honors Degree with Distinction requires a 3.400 overall grade index by the time of graduation.

CEHD Summer Scholars The College of Education and Human Development will offers up to ten $3,000 awards to sophomore and junior majors in the College, enabling them to do in-depth research with faculty in the College. Each Scholar will receive a stipend of $3,000 and a summer housing allowance of $500. Students will work on their projects full time for ten weeks in the summer and will continue to do three credits’ worth of research in the following academic year. The research done during the academic year may be part of the senior thesis for the Degree With Distinction or Honors Degree with Distinction.

The Dean’s Scholar Program: The College of Education and Human Development participates in the University of Delaware’s Dean’s Scholar Program which allows exceptional students to design their own rigorous course of student under the guidance of faculty advisors. Dean’s Scholars complete enough credit hours needed for graduation through multidisciplinary coursework inline with the student’s study objectives. For more application and policy information, and examples of student accomplishments, visit the website or meet with the Assistant Dean of CEHD.

Honors Program The Honors Program at the University of Delaware is a four-year program open to students in all majors that offers enhanced educational opportunities for exceptional students. The Honors Program is a rigorous and rewarding program, designed for superior students who want an intense intellectual challenge and are prepared to invest the extra effort required to be successful in a demanding curriculum. The Honors Program is not for all outstanding students, but is for students who enjoy stretching themselves academically. The Honors Program features writing across the curriculum, research opportunities, and cultural and social events designed to bring together a community of exceptional students and dedicated faculty.

The Marion H. Steele Symposium The annual interdisciplinary, scholarly conference named after a distinguished alumna of UD, Marion H. Steele (‘28), a longtime editor of the Journal of Home Economics. The symposium focuses on families, consumer sciences, human development and communities. Applicants whose submissions are deemed outstanding have the chance to win monetary awards and scholarly recognition.

Faculty Research Interests Students can be involved in many different research projects sponsored by faculty in the Department of Human Development & Family Sciences. If you would like to work one-on-one with faculty members, see which research projects and research areas may interest you.