Undergraduate Degree Programs

HDFS programs for undergraduate students consist of rigorous coursework and hands-on learning, supervised by caring faculty.

  • Early Childhood Education: This bachelor of science program consists of coursework and field work that prepares undergraduate students to educate children from birth through 2nd grade and provides students with a strong foundation in child development, family support and early childhood inclusive curriculum.
  • Human Services: This bachelor of science program combines coursework and field experience to prepare undergraduate students to serve, advocate and research communities-in-need while learning to improve the lives of diverse children, youth, adults and their families through advocacy, support and leadership.
  • Human Relations Administration: Students in the Human Relations Administration (HR Admin) major complete course work and field placements that will prepare them for a career in human resources at both profit and not-for-profit agencies. They will develop the skills necessary to manage employee relationships, facilitate critical workplace training, enhance staff motivation and ensure compliance of important legal issues including diversity and inclusion.
  • Minor in HDFS: This 18 credit program provides students with a better understanding of individuals and families in diverse, global communities.
  • Minor in Medical Social Services: The minor introduces the intersection of social services and public health in an interdisciplinary context, to educate students on assisting patients and their families with accessing available community resources.

 Advisement Services

Our department is highly committed to ensure all of our undergraduate students are supported through their academic decisions at the University of Delaware.

  • The HDFS Advisement Center is a helpful resource for all HDFS students.
  • The Center is open Monday-Friday year round for students seeking academic advisement.  In addition, faculty advisors meet with juniors and seniors to help students explore opportunities for research and/or to pursue career and graduate school options that best meet their individual interests and skills.

Field Experiences

  • Human Services majors complete at least one service learning internship experience to supplement classroom learning.
  • Human Relations Administration majors complete two field experiences to gain hands-on training in the areas of human resources.
  • Early Childhood Education majors complete multiple field experiences in public schools and early care and education programs on and off campus.

Career Opportunities

HDFS graduates are highly regarded by employers as having the knowledge and job preparation necessary for a successful career in their chosen fields.

  • Examples of recent employment opportunities. The list includes Youth Coordinator, Community Organizer and Family Service Specialist.
  • Keep in touch with your classmates and other HDFS alumni through our Facebook group to find out about employment opportunities.
  • Check the CEHD Student News Blog to find out about job opportunities, as well.
  • The Career Services Center is another helpful tool to use in your job search.

Graduate School Opportunities

HDFS graduates have continued their studies at a variety of graduate schools, including:

  • University of Delaware
  • Columbia University Teachers College
  • St. Joseph University
  • Boston College
  • New York University
  • University of Virginia
  • Rutgers University

Information on related graduate programs