Nikki Dell’Olio

“UD’s Early Childhood Education program has a way of preparing you beyond the ability of many other programs almost without you even realizing.

It was brought to my attention during my student teaching that I lacked confidence and underestimated my abilities, which was truly hindering my success as a teacher. As I overcame this with the unconditional support from my cooperating teachers and began to feel like a “true teacher” I realized just how prepared I was and how natural things came. All that was left was for me to embrace what I knew with confidence because through both my coursework and hours of practical experience, the program had prepared me for anything to come my way.

I am forever grateful to this is incredibly special program and my experiences which have undoubtedly shaped me into a successful and confident teacher entering the field.”

Nikki Dell’Olio, ECE ’14

Nikki Dell'Olio

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