Binta Bah

As a Newark native, the University of Delaware has always been right in my backyard. I had three siblings who attended UD and because of this, I was frequently on campus for events, concerts, and lectures. I  have to give credit to my siblings for showing me how awesome the university was–from the academics to the social life.  Naturally after I graduated from high school I decided to come to UD. I was extremely excited to come here, get involved and make the most of my experience.

In college, I majored in Women and Gender Studies and minored in Psychology and Anthropology. It wasn’t until the fall semester of my senior that I took my first HDFS classes.  I immediately fell in love with the subject. My two classes, one with Dr. Trask and the other with Dr. Wilgen, were my favorite classes that semester. The passion that both professors had about the field and their work was immense, which made me  excited to come to class and learn!

Furthermore, they were very invested in the experiences of the students. I always felt comfortable asking for help or simply discussing something from class. They were extremely welcoming and approachable, which I truly appreciated. I took a few more classes over the winter and the spring and found that HDFS was a great fit for me and my interest in doing research in education.

As I was applying to graduate schools, I decided that I wanted to pursue my education in HDFS and I applied to UD. During this first semester of my Masters program, I had the opportunity to meet more great professors. I have truly found a support team and I can honestly say that I feel confident in my abilities to be a scholar and forge a way in the field because of the many professors within the department who have believed in me!

– Binta Bah, M.S.’16

Binta Bah

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