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Human Development and Family Sciences

Graduate Research

Graduate students conduct research in a variety of areas related to human development and family sciences. Recent examples of completed research projects are listed below.

A Qualitative Exploration of Middle Childhood Sibling Relationship Within the Context of Intimate Partner Violence
By Waninger, Kendra
2016, Dr. Ruth Fleury-Steiner (Advisor)

Parent, Peer, and Sibling Relationship Factors and Depression in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood
By Finan, Laura
2016, Dr. Mellissa Gordon & Dr. Christine Ohannessian (Advisors)

The Role of Bhutanese Adolescent Refugee’ Acculturation and Familial Social Capital on Their General Well-Being and School Adjustment
By Moinolmolki, Neda
2016, Dr. Myae Han (Advisor)

Religious Development From Adolescence to Early Adulthood: The Effects of Parental Religiousness and Relationship Quality.
By Hull Jr., James
2015, Dr. Rob Palkovitz (Advisor)

Creating supportive LGBTQ spaces: Finding new constructs of families and communities in the virtual world
By McConatha, Melina
2015, Dr. Bahira Sherif Trask (Advisor)

Same-Sex Marriage Policies and Lesbian Family Life
By DiGregorio, Nikki  (Shown above receiving the 2015 HDFS Sussman Award)
2014, Dr. Bahira Sherif Trask (Advisor)

Does Adolescent Self-Competence Mediate the Relationship Between Parental Problem Drinking and Adolescent Alcohol Use?
By Williams, Kelsey
2014, Dr. Christine Ohannessian (Advisor)

Exploring the Relationship between Global Quality and Child Engagement in Toddler Child Care Classrooms
By Hooper, Alison
2013, Dr. Rena Hallam (Advisor)

An Examination of Openness in International Adoption
By Willis Hepp, Bethany
2013, Dr. Bahira Sherif Trask (Advisor)

A Qualitative Exploration of How Quaker Families Transmit and Practice Values Related to Political Violence and Peace
by Thompson Brady, Laura
2013, Dr. Ruth Fleury-Steiner (Advisor)

Standing Together and Finding a Voice Apart: The Lived Experience and Process of Intellectual Disability Rights Advocacy From the Perspective of Advocates with Varying Relationships to Disabilities
by Rich, Amanda J.
2012, Dr. Steven M. Eidelman (Advisor)

Caregiving of Aging Adults and Adults with Disabilities: Theoretical Foundations and Policy Alternatives 
by Doneker, Karen Lee
2012, Dr. Barbara H. Settles (Advisor)

Social and Environmental Correlates of Delaware Children’s Physical Activity and Risk of Obesity
by Zhao, Jia
2012, Dr. Barbara H. Settles (Advisor)

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