Ginnie Sawyer Morris portrait

Cohort: 2022


Jennifer Carrano


Communities, Families, Substance Use

Research Interest(s)

Community-based Research, Program evaluation, latent variable modeling, longitudinal research methods

Ginnie Sawyer Morris

Ginnie Sawyer Morris is a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the Human Development and Family Sciences department at the University of Delaware. As a community-based researcher, Ginnie is dedicated to supporting underserved communities both directly and indirectly through the use of community-based mixed methods and program evaluation research. Her research interests include: 1) partnering with communities to investigate contextual factors that influence behavioral health at the individual-, family-, and community-levels, and 2) using evidence- and community-based research to inform social policy and practice across the sectors of education and public health. Her current research is based in addiction recovery. Under the supervision of her adviser Jennifer Carrano, Ginnie is working on a project in partnership with atTAcK addiction and Limen House (two Delaware-based community organizations) to examine the factors that facilitate substance use disorders recovery among individuals living in recovery residences.

Research Projects

  • RISE Project: Substance use disorder recovery among individuals living in recovery residences. 2019- Present
  • I Can be Mindful: A mindfulness-based program for young children, their teachers and families. 2015- 2017

Recent Publications

  • Karpyn, A., Sawyer Morris, G., Grajeda, S., Tilley, K., Wolgast, W. (In press). Use of Animal Characters on Menu Boards Results in Healthier Purchases at Zoo Concession Stands. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.
  • Karpyn, A., Ruhs, B., Sawyer Morris, G., Weiss, S., Grajeda, S., LeVine, D., Ohri-Vachaspati, P. (In press).  Evaluation of a supermarket environmental change intervention: Findings from a low-fat milk couponing and educational marketing pilot. Journal of Human Sciences and Extension.  
  • Karpyn, A., Sawyer Morris, G., Grajeda, S., Tracy, T. (Under Review). Toward tailored interventions at farmers markets: Understanding the unique qualities of Hispanics’ fruit and vegetable purchasing patterns. Family and Community Health.
  • Sawyer Morris, G., Carrano, J., Glutting, J., Earnshaw, V. A. (In preparation). Examining the effects of maternal binge-drinking and marijuana use on children’s mental health trajectories: A latent class growth analysis. Journal of Development and Psychopathology.
  • Sawyer Morris G., Carrano J., Cutler, L., Collier, Z., Earnshaw, V.A. (In preparation). Exploring the effects of gender on latent profiles of overall functioning in a college sample of students with family substance use disorder: A person-centered analysis of same-sex parent-child dyads. Journal of Family Issues.

Recent Presentations

  • Sawyer Morris, G., Carrano, J. L., Earnshaw, V.A., Glutting, J. J. (Submitted 2019). Examining the effects of maternal binge-drinking and marijuana use on children’s mental health trajectories: A latent class growth analysis. Paper submitted for presentation at the 2019 University of Delaware Steele Symposium.
  • Sawyer Morris, G., Trask, B. S., Settles, B. H. (2018, July). Work-family conciliation in global contexts. Paper presented at the International Sociological Association Meeting in Toronto
  • McCallops, K. &  Sawyer Morris, G. (2017, June). Cultivating collaborative culture in doctoral student environments: An autoethnographic approach
  • Sawyer Morris, G. (2017, June). Integrating content knowledge with professional skills development: A graduate student’s perspective.  
  • Sawyer, G., Paris, C., Mackenzie, M. (2016, November). Mindful Development: Lessons from a mindfulness-based camp for young children in an early learning setting. Poster accepted for presentation at the International Symposium for Contemplative Studies.
  • Sawyer, G., Paris, C., Mackenzie, M. (2016, June). I Can be Mindful: Developing a Mindfulness-Based Summer Camp for Young Children in an Early Learning Setting. Poster accepted for presentation at the Mind & Life Summer Research Institute.

Professional Experience

Honors & Awards

  • 2nd place Graduate Paper Award, Steele Symposium, College of Education and Human Development, University of Delaware, 2019
  • Hershey Foundation Scholarship, International Symposium for Contemplative Studies, 2016
  • Mind and Life Summer Research Institute Fellowship, June 2016
  • Women of Promise Award, University of Delaware, 2016
  • Health Behavior Science Senior Research Award, University of Delaware, 2016
  • Class of 1958 Scholarship, University of Delaware, 2015

Grants and Fellowships

  • National Institute on Drug Abuse, Dissertation Grant, R36 (In preparation for Cycle I submission, 2020) Title: Gender-specific analysis of the differences between women and men in the development of problematic substance use from adolescence to adulthood. Role: PI
  • Summer Doctoral Fellowship, University of Delaware, 2019 Award: $4,500, Role: PI
  • Office of Graduate and Professional Education, University of Delaware, 2018, Award: $5,000m, Title: GradsCollab Conference: Collaboration in the Human Sciences: Moving from theory to practice in local and global contexts,  Role: Co-PI/Steering Committee Member

Service to the Field

  • President, Kappa Omicron Nu National Honor Society, University of Delaware, 2019-Present
  • Senator, Graduate Student Government, University of Delaware, 2019-Present
  • Vice President, HDFS Graduate Association, University of Delaware, 2019-Present

Past Education

  • M.S. Human Development and Family Sciences, University of Delaware, 2019
    Master’s Thesis: Examining the effects of maternal binge-drinking and marijuana use on children’s mental health trajectories: A latent class growth analysis

  • B.S. with Distinction, Health Behavior, University of Delaware, 2016
    Senior Thesis: I Can Be Mindful: development and implementation of a mindfulness-based camp for young children in an early learning setting