HDFS Poster presentation

Independent Study allows HDFS students to work alongside a professor to design their own course of study through field experiences, research or in depth exploration of a specific topic.

Unsure if Independent Study is for you? Contact faculty members to discuss their own research work or the projects of other HDFS students.

Enrolling in an HDFS Independent Study Course requires the permission of the professor. Please contact the professor you would like to work with for permission if you are interested in completing an Independent  Study.

Once permission has been granted from a professor, please contact the Administrative Assistant in the HDFS Department Office with the following information:

  • Independent Study course number (e.g. HDFS 366, HDFS 466 or HDFS 666)
  • Number of credits to be earned
  • Professor (must be copied on the email)

Once you have been officially registered by the HDFS staff  you’ll need to complete the Independent Study web form which serves as your contract of study.  This can be found by logging into Web Forms, clicking Blanks and choosing Independent Study & DLW Agreement.

For more information, visit the Registrar’s website or contact your advisor.