Human services majors can refer to the following information for help in navigating major requirements, internship experiences, career paths and graduate school options. For help with these topics, students are welcome to visit the HDFS Advisement Center or meet with their faculty advisor.

Degree requirements for the human services major vary depending on a student’s concentration and catalog year (the year a student first enrolled at UD). Students and academic advisors utilize the following planning guides in order to monitor degree completion and plan for future semesters. For assistance with completing a planning guide, please visit the HDFS Advisement Center.

Planning Guides by Concentration and Catalog Year

 Administration and Family Policy
 Clinical Services
Early Childhood Development
Community Based Social Entrepreneurship
 Community Education Concentration
Family & Consumer Sciences Education
 Family & Consumer Sciences Apparel Studies

Human Services majors complete at least one field experience or internship placement, gaining valuable work experience in their related fields of interest. These internships provide our students real-world experience and can lead to employment after graduation.

Examples of recent placement agencies: 

  • Delaware Center for Justice
  • Special Olympics of Delaware
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Alfred. I. duPont Hospital for Children
  • Planned Parenthood of Delaware

HDFS 334 Experiential Education: The 50-hour internship that is required for all Human Services students.

HDFS 449 Internship: The 400-hour internship that is required for the clinical services concentration of the Human Services major.

HDFS Internship Database (password protected): This database includes a list of potential internship positions with partner organizations.

Barbadian students at Lawrence T. Gay Memorial Primary School

Human services students have the opportunity to complete an internship during study abroad trips. HDFS sponsors Winter Session study abroad trips that alternate each year between Barbados and South Africa. These trips provide human services students with the opportunity to be immersed in a new culture, and to gain a unique professional experience by completing the 50-hour internship requirement with a Barbadian or South African organization.

Human Service Majors have recently gone onto work in a variety of positions, including:

  • Social Worker with the State of Delaware
  • Case Manager with Delaware Guidance Services
  • Child & Family Center Advocate with the Health Center of Philly
  • Independent Living Counselor with the North East Treatment Center
  • Coordinator of Youth and School Initiatives with Delaware Special Olympics, Inc.
  • Probation Officer with the Department of Corrections
  • Social Worker with the Rockford Center
  • Service Learning Coordinator with Earth Force
  • Admissions Counselor with the University of Maryland

Graduate School:
The majority of students pursue a diverse range of graduate programs including counseling, psychology, public policy, social work, law, human development and family sciences and related professions.  You can review the HDFS Advisement Center Guide to Grad School and Career Planning for helpful tips.The University of Delaware has partnered with Thomas Jefferson University to create a pathway for Human Services students interested in pursuing a Master’s in Couple and Family Therapy.

Explore graduate school options or visit the Common Advisement Topics section on graduate programs.

“I am currently enrolled in a graduate program at Boston College. On my first day of class, I quickly realized that my undergraduate education more than prepared me for graduate school. While most of the material was a review for me, I noticed that, for most of my new peers, it was completely new information. I thought, wow, here I am in a top 10 master’s program and I am starting out ahead of everyone else due to the education I received at UD. Read more… – Allison Constant, 2011, discussing how HDFS prepared her for graduate school.