Scholarship and Awards Application

Each year, qualified students are encouraged to apply for one or more of the Awards/Honors/Scholarships sponsored by the Department of Human Development and Family Studies. The application deadline is March 15th. 

To apply: Complete the following application. If you apply for more than one award, complete a separate application for each award. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Jennifer Vu in the Department office at 831-7355.

Home Address
Campus Address

Please provide the name of Faculty Sponsor/Reference. For all department awards, one faculty sponsor/reference is required.

Name of Faculty Sponsor/Reference

PLEASE NOTE:  Send Wilgen Award application packet to: Kristine Ritz-Coll, Senior Assistant Dean, College of Education and Human Development, RE: Wilgen Award, Room 106 Alison West, University of Delaware, Newark, DE  19716

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to ask that the Faculty Sponsor to submit letters of recommendation to the HDFS Honors Committee: Attention, Jennifer Vu, HDFS, 111 Alison Hall West.

Essay. Please provide an essay that documents your achievements and how they address the focus and qualifications needed for the Award/Scholarship. Include in the essay a description of yourself, and relevant experiences that could be used in rendering a decision about this scholarly award.

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