Minor in Human Development and Family Studies

To declare a minor in Human Development and Family Studies, you must have an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher.  Within two weeks of completing the online application linked below, if you meet the GPA requirement, you will be sent a welcome email that will contain further instructions on how to complete the university "change of minor" online form.  The University Change of Minor form should not be completed until AFTER you have received the welcome email from the department accepting you into the minor.

Application for HDFS Minor form


Courses Course Number Credits
CORE COURSES: Take both courses2
   Life Span Development HDFS 201 3
   Diversity and Families HDFS 202 3
CONCENTRATIONS – Take one course from each of the 4 sections below
Human Development
   Child Development I: Prenatal – Age 3 HDFS 220 3
   Child Development II: 3 – 10 HDFS 221 3
   Adolescent Development (PREREQ: EDUC205 OR HDFS201) HDFS 329 3
   Adult Development and Aging (PREREQ: EDUC205 OR HDFS201) HDFS 339 3
Family Studies
   Families and Developmental Disabilities HDFS 2703 3
   Aging and the Family HDFS 405 3
   Parenting Through the Lifespan (PREREQ: HDFS201 OR PSYC350) HDFS 427 3
   Substance Abuse and the Family HDFS 472 3
   Development of Human Relationships HDFS 333 3
   Mentoring and Helping Relationships HDFS 330 3
   Foundations in Human Sexuality HDFS 4014 3
   Domestic Violence Services (PREREQ: HDFS235 OR SOCI201 OR WOMS201)
   (REST: Open to juniors and seniors only)
HDFS 409 3
Development within Diverse Communities
   Black Feminist Theory (new course awaiting Faculty Senate approval) BAMS 352 3
   Psychological Perspectives on Black Americans BAMS 416 3
   Cultural Diversity, Schooling & The Teacher EDUC 258 3
   Cultural Diversity in Community Contexts EDUC 259 3
   Urban Schools & Urban Landscapes EDUC 459 3
   Families and their Communities HDFS 230 3
   Topics in Human Development and Family Studies HDFS 475 3
   Social Class and Inequality SOCI 305 3
   Race, Gender, & Poverty SOCI 418 3
   Cultural Introduction to Sexualities and Gender Studies WOMS 200/SGST 200 3
   Motherhood in Culture and Politics WOMS 212 3

1 C - is the minimum grade needed for a course to count for the minor.
2 Applications are underway for consideration of HDFS 201 & HDFS 202 as Group C, Arts & Sciences Breadth Requirements.
3 May be cross-listed with PSYC 270, SOCI 270.
4 May be cross-listed with HESC 401, WOMS 401.

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