Marion H. Steele Symposium

Annual Marion H. Steele Symposium

The Steele Symposium features research presentations by graduate and undergraduate students in the College of Education and Human Development and affiliated departments. It will be held on Friday, May 2, 2014, from 8:30am-2pm at the Embassy Suites in Newark.

The Symposium is named for a distinguished alumna of the University of Delaware, Marion H. Steele, who was editor for many years of the Journal of Home Economics, now the Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences. It is an opportunity to recognize research reflecting the high standards of scholarly work to which Marion Steele devoted her professional efforts. The Symposium honors both the students’ participation as well as the memory of Marion H. Steele.

All undergraduate and graduate students interested in submitting a paper or poster presentation should visit the CEHD Steele Symposium website. The deadline for general submissions is April 9, 2014.

Marion Steele Symposium Awards

For graduate and undergraduate students in HDFS, FASH, and NTDT, monetary awards are available for the best research papers and posters.

  • Undergraduate students
    • 1st and 2nd place posters
    • 1st and 2nd place papers
  • Graduate students
    • 1st and 2nd place posters
    • 1st and 2nd place papers

Eligible papers and posters may be the result of a course assignment, a special problem, independent study project, undergraduate and graduate research, and so on. The content of papers submitted should constitute one of the following:

  • A theoretical or policy treatment of a topic that addresses questions or issues of particular relevance to families, consumer sciences, human development, and communities
  • A report of the analysis of empirical research data from a study or work that addresses questions or issues of particular relevance to family, consumer sciences, human development, and communities.

These awards are available due to the generous support of the family of Marion H. Steele, in cooperation with the Delaware Association for Family and Consumer Sciences and the Department of Human Development and Family Studies.

The deadline for award consideration is March 15, 2014. A separate submission is required for award consideration.

  • First, fill out the general submission form found on the CEHD Steele Symposium website and submit it to Dr. Gail Rys,
  • Second, fill out the online submission form [Steele Submission online form] for award consideration.
    • If you are submitting a paper, please upload it via the online submission form.
    • If you are submitting a poster, please drop it off in the HDFS main office (111 Alison West) by the due date of March 15, 2014.

Award recipients, as well as all students who have submitted their work for award consideration, will be honored at the Celebration of Excellence on May 2, 2014 from 4:00-5:00 pm at the Embassy Suites in Newark, DE. If you have any questions about the Steele Symposium Awards, please contact Dr. Jennifer Vu,

28th Marion H Steele Symposium

Graduate Awards

1st Place Graduate Paper - Megan Barolet-Fogarty

2nd Place Graduate Paper - Neda Moinolmolki

1st Place Graduate Poster - Laura Finan

2nd Place Graduate Poster - Jessica Schulz

Undergraduate Awards

1st Place Undergraduate Paper - Rebecca Vitelli

2nd Place Undergraduate Paper - Ashley Ridler

1st Place Undergraduate Poster - Alyssa Barone

2nd Place Undergraduate Poster - Jaymie Silverman

Marion H. Steele Symposium Presenter Recognition - Lauren Biddle, Bridget Brainard, Natalie Cook, Chelsea Duffy, Melanie Gonsecki, Rachel Grimm, Shan Jiang, Wafaa Khalifah, Brina Klein, Chelsea Lamey, Sarah McCarthy, Shawna Morse, Leslie Quispe, Polly Reinicker, Alison Seefeldt, Lakeisha Smith, Kyle Smythe, Lauren Tedeschi, Emily Willis

27th Marion H. Steele Symposium

Undergraduate Awards

First Place Undergraduate Paper - Erin Lawlor

Second Place Undergraduate Paper - Lauren Renaud

First Place Undergraduate Poster - Natalie Goldstein

Second Place Undergraduate Poster - Rachel Bahar & Christine Feil

Graduate Awards

First Place Graduate Paper - Shan Jiang

Second Place Graduate Paper - Yoonjoo Lee

First Place Graduate Poster - Taylor Schellhardt

Second Place Graduate Poster - Jessica Schulz

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